Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Morphing into a new being

Now that I am retired I have decided to let this work-related blog lapse. Bye bye Jaygee Library Log. It's been a great nine year journey since March 2007.

But very soon I will be starting a new blog about my family history research, and life story writing.

More information and the link will be posted here this space

My new blog is Julia's Life Writing at

This will be a spot for my creative writing and family history books.

Pawlett Press is the imprint I am using for my self-published works, although some of my other writing appears in a Katharine Susannah Writers' Centre (KSP) Past Tense Group Anthology published in print form by Wild Weeds Press.

I have decided to stick with Blogger for my new blog as I already have several other blogs with them, so it makes sense.