Monday, 22 October 2007

Darwin ALIA Top End Symposium

The ALIA Top End Symposium is the premier library event in the Northern Territory and attracts library participants across the NT from a range of libraries. This year the Symposium theme was "e-volving education" focussing on how the library industry maintains its own education in order to stay on top of information trends.

Our symposium paper, Evolving and Changing with Workplace ELearning: 23 ways your staff can grow, was well received and elicited lots of questions from the audience.

Roxanne Missingham ALIA President gave an interesting paper keynote and spoke of library workforce trends. Later she mentioned to us that she planning to do 23 Things with her Federal Parliamentary Library staff.

The other keynote, Dr Gillian Hallam, presented the results of her research into Australian library workforce planning drawing out the NT component of findings.

Two Charles Darwin University librarians gave a very good session on podcasting You can access their CDU library podcasts here

The papers were all recorded as a podcast. All the printed papers will be placed on the ALIA website in due course.

Monday, 15 October 2007

Crocodiles on the Mary River NT

After the Top End Symposium we did find time to venture out into the outback and experience the wonderful bird and wildlife around the Fogg Dam and Mary River Park region.
We saw crocodiles, both freshies and salties. This video is a saltie swimming in front of our boat on the Mary River. I tried to stand up in the boat to get a better shot but was yelled at by the captain…. “sit down there’s only 2 feet of water here” …hence the wonky picture!

Friday, 12 October 2007

How to make a Flickr badge with your photos

You will see I have placed a Flickr badge in my Jay Gee blog down the right hand side. I’ve set it up to do a running display of my photos tagged with the tag “Western Australian Wildflowers”

If you want to do this it’s dead easy if you already have a group of your photos in Flickr.

Click on the bottom of my badge where it says “what is this?” and then click “make your own badge”. This it links you straight thru to the 5 step process in Flickr. There are two types of badge to choose from: HTML or Flash. Mine is a Flash badge. What you finally end up with is some HTML coding which you can add as an extra element to your blog. You just cut and paste this into the blog element template that allows HTML coding.

Some libraries are using this to advertise new books or databases.