Friday, 11 January 2008

Praise for LibraryThing

I've become a fan of LibraryThing.

Once again LibraryThing has featured in the Web 2.0 Awards as a recommended Web 2.0 site for recording book information. It now boasts over twenty-two million books on members' bookshelves

As usual Wikpedia has the low down for those new to LibraryThing

Their book data is sourced not just from Amazon, but from the Library of Congress and other libraries worldwide, so that gives it great credibility with librarians.

You can catalogue your own collection on LibraryThing using your own tags in catalogue.

Like other Web 2.0 applications LibraryThing is very social network and various subgroups exist: Australian LibraryThingers which is a group for everyone who connects with Australia (residents, expats, lovers of Australian literature) and who are part of the LibraryThing collective.

You will see on the side bar of my blog I have a link to my LibraryThing profile. This links to “random books in my library”. You can add code into your Blogger blog to set this up.

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