Monday, 26 May 2008

Some Australian library catalogue widgets

Some Australian university libraries have written code for catalogue widgets and gadgets. The widgets and gadgets can be loaded to a blog or an iGoogle page. You can find them by doing a search within iGoogle, then go to Add Stuff, Search for gadgets, then search for "libraries". I did find some Australian library catalogue widgets including Deakin and UWA. The other top spot to look for widgets is the Widget Box . See my previous post What are widgets for more info or widgets and gadgets.


Nikki said...

That's fantastic, is our library going to create a catalogue widget too?

Kathryn Greenhill said...

Hee! I must have been commenting here while you were commenting on my blog.

Four of us have been spending an hour a week "eating an elephant" and working on our library's online presence at Murdoch. (Based on the saying one of our staff found that the way to eat an elephant is in small pieces)

Our latest project is coding a google gadget.

The aim is to get together the basic design, then code a google gadget, then go over to ensure it is suitable for OpenSocial, then use the same code to create a Facebook Ap, then finally have embed code available on our librray homppages in case someone wants to add the gadget/widget/whaterveret to the sidebar of their blog.

Lots of learning happening, particularly with our (previously non-existant) XHTML skills.

We are stealing a lot from Matthias' UWA gadget. Plus from Hennepin's rather simple one as well.


JayGee said...

Oh dear, I don't imagine elephants taste that good either. I look forward to seeing your apps and gadgets, thanks for the warning and good luck! Julia