Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Using iPads to present a session

At our iPad training session, or should I say Q and I session, as that is what is really is, Jarrod got us thinking about how to use the iPad as a presentation tool in a classroom setting. We were wondering what would be a good app for showing Powerpoints. I have asked my Twitter connections and on campus colleagues and have nothing definitive to report.

As I understand it PowerPoint being a Microsoft product has no easy app to present using iPad. It is best to use Keynote (Apple) to develop your presentations. But if you don’t operate in a Mac environment then that gets complicated. You can do conversions of PowerPoint into Good Reader, but then that results in a fairly static display, using swipe, rather than click to move forward. Our group has discussed this and thought maybe presentations were still best done via laptop, where you can walk around without being fixed to the iPad. It would be interesting to hear from others how successfully larger group presentations work using iPad.


Penny said...

with airplay you can walk around with the iPad and present using keynote to big or small groups.

My colleague James is knowledgeable - here's a slide share from him

JayGee said...

Thanks Penny, that presentation looks great, JayGee

austinhduggan said...

I am using Nearpod to create presentations and deliver them to the students' ipads. you can also include interactive activities in the presentations. It looks amazing and the kids love it. It's on the app store for free :)

JayGee said...

thanks, I'll check it out