Friday, 18 May 2007

Second Life

This whole area of Second Life is so dynamic and changing, I think we need to keep an open mind. If ECU does take out a claim in this new Virtual world then I think the library needs to be in there. We can create our own environment in SL and maybe fashion a new library meeting place for our students?

Some ECU academic staff are working with students doing Second Life explorations in the Education context. There is a lot of interest in SL from the Drama and New Media people and also from Information Science people.

There’s an active international SL Research community. An Aussie group of interested SLers has now been set up. Go to

I’ve found that on YouTube you can do a search on “NMC Campus Seriously Engaging” to find a short video on Second Life which gives you an idea of what a university campus would look like. There is a university library in NMC as well. Good to see this, as I have not quite got the nerve to download the software and give it a bash!

I’ve also found a wonderful SL satirical site which is food for a laugh. It’s called “”

We can create our own environment in SL. I don’t really know where this is all headed, but it certainly stretches the imagination!