Friday, 25 May 2007

Social Tagging, what's it all about?

Social Tagging
I think it’s interesting to see what social tagging is all about. Tagging and visual display indlcating promience are growing in importance. tags link into Flikr as well. The concept of tagging and folksonomies certainly fits with the ways librarians work and think. Tagging is “the glue that holds learning 2.0 together”, according to Helene Blowers.

As I wrote before, at the start of the Jimmy Wales seminar participants were invited to use the tag "eduausem2007", if they were blogging about the seminar. This tag will then ensure that everything about the seminar would be captured on Flikr, Technorati, or

The 12 minute tutorial podcast is worth checking out. Good for building reading lists. Why would you use this, rather than Endnote. I think it is a bit like sharing your endnote library on a broader front. You could use both? Managing information and helping our users do this.

To use, you need to install two buttons into your browser. They recommend that Internet Explorer users install a simple extension You probably can’t do this via the SOE.

But is useful as a search engine to get good results and see where the action is. I did a search of under “second life” and found this site was the most highly tagged is of course is THE second life site.

Is there a down side? You may miss things that are not highly bookmarked, new sites. And what about the good stuff that doesn’t get found?

They say it’s the best for searching for Blogs. As it happens we are looking for resources for our students on government policy and Singapore families. A really good blog would be worth finding. The search turned up some good blogs from Singapore government ministers on policy issues. I recommended Technorati to an academic staff member and he was really impressed.

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Mike Seyfang said...

Nice to see you experimenting with tags - your post turned up in the Yahoo Pipe for the event!

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