Monday, 11 June 2007

Grande Finale

As a reward for completing ECU Learning I’m giving myself a Web2.0 certificate. You can have one too when you get through all the 23 Things!

Well it’s been a terrific journey and I’ve learned heaps.
My responses to the questions posted on #23 are:

What have you personally learned from this program?

I have picked up some useful skills and have connected all the dots so understand how this all fits together. By the time you get to the end of this program you realise how important the tagging is as it enables you to really connect with others. Having a My Space to gather all your feeds is a great idea and helps you to organise the information flow.

What have you learned about yourself, others and the organisation in which you work?
It’s been terrific working though this with a great bunch of staff in the Pilot Group learning from one another. Now we know who the experts are, so you can’t hide any more! I like the idea of starting this with a pilot group, so that when it is rolled out to all the staff there will be a willing group to spread the word.
Discovery learning is an appropriate methodology for such a program since many of these technologies you need to USE, before you really understand them. Through the program I have made many connections outside the ECU Library, with instructional designers, professional development staff, academic staff.

What was the most important skill you have learned and why?

I would have to say Blogging was a useful skill. I had blogged before through Bloglines and through the trial of the Blackboard blog . Those two interfaces are not as friendly as Blogger. The whole set up of Blogger is superior to either of the others and actually makes the whole journey fun. But blogging is a bit of a sole pastime, so unless you use social tagging you may be blogging into the never-never.

What action will you now take if any?

Start a library blog aimed at the faculty.
Investigate providing faculty subject guides for students using Wetpaint.
Commit time to a library blog to be aimed at students

Would students use these technologies as part of the library’s online environment?

Absolutely. The Wiki subject guides would be focused on students. There have been discussions about starting a library blog to be aimed at students, to promote the library and respond toe students’ queries. Podcasts, YouTube, the lot is student NetGen territory and we need to meet them where they congregate.

Is there some specific technology that you would like to see the library adopt ?

Start a library blog
Use Wikis to replace some of the collaborative work currently done via email
Develop our podcasts more.
Come to an agreement re tagging and tags to use corporately.

I look forward to sharing more ideas with the Pilot Group when we have our Focus Group and Wind-up as there’s NOTHING that can replace face to face. Let’s all wear our Just Ask @ Your Library T-shirts and rest on our laurels for a while..

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