Friday, 8 June 2007

You Tube and Podcasting

I tried searching the terms “library education” in the YouTube and found one that is pretty quirky. It’s Richard Sly is the coolest librarian talking about Databases. (This was a project for the USF Tampa Library). I really like the use of humour and it’s been well rated and watched with 776 Views and 4 and a half star rating

Rsblg helped me to Master the embedding part, as I was looking in the wrong place for the link. Thanks! That's what I like about this project.
This video takes about 6 minutes to watch and has quite a few credits at the end, but the overall idea is sound. Coupled with a follow up with more details on how to access and sue the databases would be helpful.
The ECU podcasts are a great start, but with the Camtasia software we will be able to do much more now. jmcg

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