Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Dealing with Spam on your blog

Who’d have thought you’d need to deal with Spam on your blog. But somehow those pesky spammers can get through the sign in and leave an unwanted message. I’ve had this happen twice recently. Blogger Help has the solution, but it is a pain to have to go in and do this:

You can delete any comments (registered or anonymous) that are left on your own blog, or on another blog for which you have admin privileges.
To delete a comment, first make sure that you are logged in to the correct Blogger account. Then go to the blog and find the page where the comment is listed. Next to the comment, you should see a trash can icon
Click on the comment tdrag it into the trash can icon.
If you can't see the trash can icon, then that is probably because of a caching issue with your browser. Blogger Help has instructions on this also.

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