Friday, 14 September 2007

Wikis, Virtual library conferences and unconferences

This week we are getting into the topic of Wikis.

The WA Unconference in August was a great example of how a group of like minded library people can be brought together via the medium of a wiki. The whole day was organised, topics chosen and discussed, lunch and tea planned through the Unconference Wiki. Then on the day we all gathered for a terrific "unconference" and the day went so smoothly.

I was reflecting at how much this had all changed from the days when we folk way over in Perth missed out on a lot of professional development activities, with the high cost of domestic flights. Even today the $1,000 fees of the major conferences are prohibitive for most of us. I came across a blog post from a librarian in Melbourne who was commenting on how Learning 2.0 is bringing people together to learn via Web 2.0 networks. It’s from the Infosleuth and sums up where we have come in the last 30 years in sharing experiences and gathering inspiration from others.

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eyesee said...

Does anyone remember the change from the stamp and stamp pad to the new fangled self inking stamper?

Now that was advancement!