Monday, 22 March 2010

Battle to save Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Libraries in North Carolina

There's a crisis at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Libraries in North Carolina. The Library Board plans to lay off 148 staff and close 12 libraries by 3rd April, due to a massive US $2million budget hole.

This seems incredible that the libraries that brought the Learning 2.0 (aka 23 Things) to many libraries around the world and changed so many lives are now battling to survive.

American Libraries magazine has a report of the public rally over the weekend to help raise funds to alleviate the impact of budget cuts.

What can you do to help? Go to Save our Libraries and also Lori Reed 's website for more information. The Twitter hash code is #cmlibrary


Lori Reed said...

Thank you for helping us to get the word out. -Lori

Chanhonghan said...
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Chanhonghan said...

Felt sorry to hear about what had happened with PMCM. Helen Blowers had spent such an effort to upskill her staff and her efforts had well been commented by lots of her counterparts.

Richard said...

Hi JayGee,

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