Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Handing over the iPads

We had a very productive meeting today starting out on the iPad project and handing out the iPads to the Learning Advisors.

We went through the project objectives and then spent the rest of the 2 hours setting things up: Apple accounts, some things in the Settings options, setting up ECU email.

While most staff already have a smartphone, as all of us, bar one, are new to iPads. Most did not already have an Apple or iTunes account, so it took some time to go through setting up and establishing Apple account, email, answering questions. But in the end everyone felt a lot happier about going home and having a play.

Lessons learned

Learning through play will be a key theme of this project I am sure.

The time spent in getting familiar with the iPads before we start on activities with students will be greater than anticipated. Building staff skills will be a big component of the project, especially initially.

We will meet again in a few weeks and run a full-on training session. In the meantime everyone will be gathering their questions and thinking about applications.

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