Friday, 30 November 2007

Facebook at ECU

In the last few months the social networking site, Facebook, has taken off in Australia and currently there are over one million Australians on Facebook.

Those of us who watch The Chaser heard about Kevin Rudd’s 5,000 Facebook friends. Well actually it's not quite that many, as he's reached the friend limit. The clip is on YouTube

Here at ECU there are now approximately 2,400 users on Facebook.

So who are they?

As expected most of them are students, but now quite a number of ECU Facebook users are academic staff. Mind you, most of the academics who are on there, are not really active users, from what I can see.

What are they doing?

There's an active social ECU student subgroup for current & past students. And student events are posted there such as the ECU Final Fling 2007 @ Leederville Hotel tonight.

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