Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Ten Good Reasons for Finishing Learning 2.0

We are getting close to the Grande Finale and I know some of you are struggling to find the time and to stay on target.

So I thought up Ten Good Reasons for Finishing Learning 2.0.

1. You will learn to speak like a geek and throw in words like "wiki", "blog" into everyday conversation

2. You will amaze your kids at how up to date you are

3. You will be given permission to watch YouTube in WORK time

4. You will make new friends, discover new social networks and see how creative some of you colleagues are

5. You will amaze yourself at how addictive the web 2.0 technologies can be

6. You will be rewarded with a cute doggie Web2.0 certificate...yeah!!

7. With your new found skills you may just get that dream job ... (sad for us ...)

8. Using your new skills you will be able to provide great help to our students and be in touch with their approach to study

9. You will be able to influence the future library online presence

10. You will expand you mind in the lifelong learning journey

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