Monday, 26 November 2007

We are librarians

Last week we had a celebration at Mt Lawley and Don Blue and is band entertained us with some great music. Don wrote some words, and we all joined in to sing along to this popular tune, (which for copyright reasons we can't name!) :

We Are Librarians

We come from the dreamtime we’re a very dreamy bunch

We dream of acquisitions and we dream about our lunch

We dream of cataloguing and interlibrary loans

We ream we’ve fixed the printer, and no bloody mobile phones


941 (941) is British History

Semantics are found at 412

We’re Dewy eyed and Dewey classified

I am you are we are librarians

We leave on the phone diversion – so it’s very quiet today

Sometimes we wish the clients would simply go away

It’s great to be the guardians of all there is to know

It’s just a shame we must have students – but hey we need the dough

We got faeces on our theses, someone’s wee’d on a machine

(over there’s new graffiti but I don’t know what it means)

it’s great to be a librarian – what would you rather be

When someone’s had a picnic in TQ823


We have e books – e journals and of course there’s e reserve

But will we have e reference folk to help with the big words?

There’s really nothing like it – answering questions face to face –

Like “where’s the loo?”, what time is it? And “I’ve lost my thumb drive case”


Words by Don Blue

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