Thursday, 1 November 2007

Podcamp Perth 07

Podcamp Perth 07 was Oct 27-28 2007 and a resounding success. Thanks heaps to the organisers.

It’s Thursday already and am still trying to get off my butt and write something. If I wait long enough there won’t be anything more to say. It’s all there on the Perth Podcamp Wiki and related blogs already.

For those who don't know, PodCamp Perth is a newmedia community UnConference that helps connect people interested in blogging, podcasting, social media and networks, video on the net, and newmedia together to learn, share, and grow their newmedia skills.

Simone's Blog post has many of the links

Kathryn Greenhill's Blog Fodder was well done and fodder for thought.

Stilgherrian’s presentation Social Media and the 2007 Australian Federal Election gave some insights into politicians and how they use of Web 2.0. How will this change the nature of our democracy?

If the Net Gen are getting their political input from Rove and The Chaser, and from satirical YouTube rather than Howard’s YouTube what does that mean and where is this headed? So I went in search of some satirical YouTube myself and found this hilarious video which has had 37,000 viewings.

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