Saturday, 25 June 2011

Curing your own olives

Perth's Mediterranean climate makes olive growing ideal and many varieties of olive trees are grown in gardens here. But I am always amazed that many olives go unpicked. Do people just grow them for the lovely foliage? Probably. Well maybe it's not that surprising garden olives get left on the tree as the first time I tried to cure my garden olives, it was a total disaster. They were so bitter and ended up being thrown out. Back then I made two mistakes: (1) I was impatient and didn't wait long enough for the bitterness to go out of the olives and (2) I tried to do the green olives, which are more difficult to cure.

By the way green olives are NOT a different variety, but just unripe olives and they need special treatment. They are harder and more bitter. If you are a newbie/wannabee olive curer and want to give this a go, try first with the black ones, or with olives that are just turning pinkish dark, like the ones in the top photo. I actually picked these from someone's verge tree. I will post my olive curing recipe tomorrow.

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