Friday, 3 June 2011

Report: The value of libraries for research and researchers

One of the most interesting reports to come out in recent months is the UK report on libraries and research which is a must read for all academic library managers.

The value of libraries for research and researchers

The report was jointly commissioned by RIN and RLUK in the U.K. and it presents the ļ¬ndings of a systematic study of the value of the services that libraries provide to researchers, and of the contributions that libraries from a wide range of institutions make to institutional research performance.

The key points are compelling and clearly state the benefits of libraries for research:

1. Good libraries help institutions to recruit and retain top researchers

2. Libraries help researchers win research grants and contracts

3. Libraries promote and exploit new technologies and new models of scholarly communications

4. Repositories increase the visibility of the institution and raise its research profile

5. Outward-facing libraries contribute to institution-wide initiatives

6. Specialist staff work in partnership with academic departments

7. Connecting with researchers enhances the value of the library's services

8. Dedicated spaces provide a better work environment for researchers

9. Easy access to high-quality content is a key foundation for good research

10. Libraries are a physical manifestation of the values of the academy and of scholarship

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Gemma said...

Great points. Am stashing this post away for future reference. Thanks