Thursday, 16 June 2011

Why buy an Android tablet?

I've been thinking about the proliferation of tablets and the competition (or lack of competition) for Apple's iPad.

The question is why would you buy an Android tablet?

This question was posted on the Businessinsider website. Here's a summary of the responses. Android tablet offers:

  • Price
  • More competition
  • More variety
  • Openness
  • Flash support
  • Support for PDF
  • No DRM
  • Drag and drop via USB like it's another drive
  • Avoid Itunes

CNET has looked at the range of current and upcoming tablets and presented them all in a comparative table.

And Garner predicts that the gap between Apple & Android tablet market shares will continue to decrease. Apple’s iOS currently has 83.9% market share which is expected to drop to 68.7% later in 2011. But it will stay at a healthy 63.5% in 2012, retaining almost half of the market (47.1%) by 2015.

If you want to follow this topic check out Crave: the gadget blog from CNET.

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