Monday, 4 June 2012

Jack Thompson in Under Milk Wood

I am so envious of those of you in Sydney who have a chance to go and see Jack Thompson in Dylan Thomas’s Under Milk Wood, which is being put on by the Sydney Theatre Company at the Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House, 22 May - 7 July, 2012.

The famous radio play for voices, Under Milk Wood, takes place in Dylan Thomas’s invented small Welsh seaside town of Llareggub (buggerall spelled backwards). The action starts at night while the residents dream in their beds and continues on to a day in the life of Llareggub.

Jack Thompson was interviewed on Sydney ABC radio last week and after the interview he recites the opening scene of the radio play. It is a superb rendition and wonderful to hear an Aussie voice reading this.

This famous radio play for voices has been read by Dylan Thomas himself and by Richard Burton. Check out the webpage of the Sydney Theatre Company for an excerpt of the Burton version for some other great stuff including Anthony Hopkins reading Thomas's famous poem to his dying father, Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night.

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