Saturday, 30 June 2012

"You call it desert, we used to live there" Jimmy Pike

If you are in Perth and wandering by the University of Western Australia area in Nedlands drop by the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery and see the newly opened exhibition of the some of the wonderful works of the late Aboriginal artist, Jimmy Pike.

 Jimmy Pike’s Artlines: You call it desert, we used to live there.

Last night we went to the opening and I will definitely go back again when it is not so crowded to take another look and take advantage of the many events over the next few months while the exhibition runs. The works are felt tipped pen drawings and brilliantly coloured.

The late artist, Jimmy Pike, was a Walmajarri man from the Great Sandy Desert of WA whose family were "first contact" and lived a traditional hunter-gatherer life before coming into contact with white people in the 1950s. What an amazing and terrifying encounter that must have been. We can't begin to imagine.

The exhibition has been organised by UWA's Berndt Museum and it runs til September 15, 2012.

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